Problem with mp4 video in forum posts

I’ve noticed that some have complained that they aren’t seeing videos in posts. And I’ve noticed the same thing myself. I hadn’t worried about it much since, for the most part, the videos weren’t critical to the subject - at least at my level of interest in the topic. Discussion around unviewable (for some) videos revealed that they were all mp4s.

Now, @JimD has revealed to me a workaround:

Although, for me, the option that appeared when I right clicked was “Open video in new tab”. In any case, a new tab (window) opened and the video was visible and playable.

Just want to share this in case others were looking for a workaround.

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I’ve noticed the problem occasionally.

Perhaps @Tommy and @sam could help us with this.

Just had my original problem appear - but with a twist: This time it was a .mov, not a .mp4!
Here’s the post:

My setup: Windows 10, Chrome v 53. Not sure how to find if I have a program set to handle .mov files.

.mov is the Quicktime format…

you may need a plugin for Chrome…