Problem with edges going together

I laid the part out added a gob of guide lines and began drawing lines and all that Actually made a square area ( Drew the out side lines ) like block Letters and then added the circles and lines and erased the UN Needed things and when I go to use push Pull to make the Middle go away . . I get weird stuff went to the select all and down to intersect lines and clicked on that Still get weird part of the design wanting to be removed . . Went to check with fix it and it wants to remove 1/2 of a circle and one side of the letter M . . letter-M.skp (1.1 MB) . . I have 15 other letters done so i can print them to use for sign making tool from Miles craft . . They don’t make letters for Vertical signs so am Making my own It is 82.55 mm Square and 2.794mm thick Radius in circles are 8.3566 mm (Takes over 1 hour and 12 minutes per letter printing them out on my 3D printer at 80 % infill )

If you zoom in really tight, you have stray geometry in a number of places. Lot’s of very small triangular pieces that are outside of you main “M”. In particular at the top right arc of your “M” where your arc meets you straight downward stroke. As soon as I and erased the small “L” shaped segment, and redrew the line your “M” closed. I actually had to over draw the line a second time to get it to close.

I have noticed that . . having to draw OVER a line a second time to get it to close and I had the Guide lines to use . . Why does it do this ? Drawing from line to line should have closed it the first time . . It is why I make box Letters first then add the rounded area;s where the router guide is at ( has metal guide that the Router blade goes through and cuts the wood ) The Metal guide fits into the template and lets you make the letter . . I deleted letter B several times before I got one done ! And the corners were a 45 drawn across the corners Center was another set of 45 degree Angles letter-B.skp (1.1 MB)

Thanks got it working REALLY had to Zoom in to EXTREMELY LARGE . . and got the TINY weird Triangles removed took about 1/2 hour of looking to bet it running right . . and make it a for real letter M . . This is a letter E before all of the un needed parts get removed . . This one went down like it was to be first time no re draw of things letter-E-1.skp (1.1 MB)

Sometimes closing faces can be a chore, there is a plugin (make faces 1.4) that can do this. Solid inspector can help fin errors, some need to be fixed manually, zooming in does show a few glitches here and there but they can be cleaned up.

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Even easier, but Lynne needs to be more careful with her initial geometry. Sorry Lynne, but I have no idea how you manged to get all those little triangular pieces in there.
I’m not dissing you, I’ve done it myself.


THE out side has to be there it is where the router blade guide hits so you can make it

I have no ideal either as it only happens now and then from the 26 letters i have made about 10 were like this and had weird problems . . Some thing as simple as a “B” got redone about 6 times before it became a Template for the Router . . Just deleted the file and started over again with Template-1 . . Has basic size and outer limits set with Guides . . Then add letter to the middle of it and erase insides . .Started with Block Letters and add the fancy rounded area’s

Yes, sorry, because you had depth in the image I was thinking solid, but as a router template you just need the line.

Attached might be a way to draw it more cleanly??


Yeah I had all of those guides drawn also . . You used the Radius thing I just used
circles Might try that next time , ,I had 96 sides and radius of 8.356600mm . . And I am using 32 bit Sketchup Make 2016 . . It makes better parts then the 64 bit version does or so it seems . .

I think the arc tool might be better only because you know it will snap to the ends of both lines. You can set the arcs segments to a higher count just like circles.
While I put the guides at extreme top and bottom they are kind of redundant as the arc tool will let you know when you have a “half circle” ( which I didn’t know they had to be when I drew the guides.

The other thing to be wary of when drawing the circle is to drag it out on a cardinal point(axis) otherwise the lines may not join up ( see attached ! )


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