Problem, strange hole line when import in other CAD


I made some objects with skp, when I tried to import them into Archicad I saw some strange lines that connect the holes I made in skp on the object. Why?? Is there a way to correct it?


Sounds like triangulation lines, added in the ‘export’ to ensure that all faces are triangles…
What format did you use to import into ArchiCAD ?
If it was the original SKP then you need to check it ArchiCAD SKP user code has an option to triangulate faces, if not it might always do it by default ?
Since the facets are all coplanar the extra edges could probably be deleted leaving their faces intact…


I saved the object into skp 8, and “merge” it in Archicad 18. You can see what I see here doc1.pdf (104.5 KB)

I have the same problem with dwg and dxf…


You still haven’t fully explained your process.
Here is my current understanding…
This object is initially a SKP file, saved as v8.
I assume if you look at the original SKP with View > Hidden Geometry ON and all Layers ON you do not see these spurious lines ??
If you do see them remove them and retry.
If you do NOT see them then they are added by ArchiCAD during the ‘merge’ - and thus, this is more an ArchiCAD than a SketchUp question ???
Are there ArchiCAD settings to avoid this issue ?
When you say DWG/DXF do you mean export from SketchUp ?
If so look at your Options in the exporter dialog…


In my experience exporting the file to 3DS and importing that into Archicad might give better results, as the 3DS importer has a smoothing function whereas the SketchUp importer, unfortunately, doesnt.



Yes, I don’t see these line into sketchup (hidden geometry ON), but in some way it seems these lines are into the object before the export/import operation, I think the problem is about the holes.
I tried it too, but it works the same way… always these lines!!! doc2.pdf (103.5 KB)

A fiend said to me that I will always see them… so sad!

Thank you!


If you import a SketchUp model or a 3DS object into an Archicad GDL object, you can go and hide all the lines by editing the 3D GDL program with a simple find/replace but if you need to leave some of the lines visible (to show in 2D section or elevation views, for instance) it is rather difficult to identify a single line in the tangle of code.