Pop up dialog not found when using more than one monitors

When using multiple monitors and select menu w/ popup dialog box (e.g. Style->Edit->Back Color), the dialog box is nowhere to find. Since SU is waiting for input from that box, there is no way out except force exit SU from windows task manager. I have ensured the popup dialog is not in any monitors by minimizing all other applications/windows. Also tried putting SU in primary display but not helping. This could sometimes be resolved by switching back to single monitor without closing SU, but most of the time not.
Please help.

i ran into this a few years back - had to do a workspace reset to get things working. i suggest exporting the preferences first before doing that step in case something in your preferences ends up getting reset…

Thanks for the response. Just tried that but unfortunately the Windows->Preferences menu (where the workspace reset selection is) activates a popup dialog box that I am not able to see like other popup dialog :frowning:

With focus on the dialog, press alt and space together, then m, then any arrow key, then without clicking move the mouse around until the dialog appears.


thanks! tried that. At first it doesn’t work, mouse turns into a cross symbol without holding on to any dialog box. I then accidentally press the print screen button and the SU dialog box re-appears (together with Windows’ print screen dialog)! This work around seems to work consistently so far. Thank you!

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