[Plugin] Multitag extension for sketchup

In what cases can be useful to use negation in formulas:

  1. Hide obviously hidden elements, for example, electrical boxes hidden behind plaster.
    And the reverse operation: show these objects when the “Plaster” layer is turned off,
    This gives a significant increase in model rendering and increases your productivity,
    since these objects are not drawn when they are not needed without necessary additional clicks to layers to hide this objects.

In addition, eliminates rendering defects in Sketchup with appearing edges, which is non aesthetically pleasing when editing, and irritated these strange edges that appearing when the model is moved away.

  1. To switch with one button/tag between the degree of used mesh details of the model.
    Often high details is required only when we start photo rendering and in normal model editing, high details is not needed, and reduce 3d mesh details gives a significant increase in rendering speed in Sketchup (FPS). Now we can switch using one click