PlugIn for Excel import into Sketchup

@kengey so do you think it is possible to use it for woodworking projects like kitchens wardrobes and so on ,cost estimation?


You can:

  1. export your kitchen geometry + data to Power BI with this tool
  2. let Power BI also connect with a dataset containing unit prices (Excel sheets, databses, webservices, …)
  3. multiply quantities from your model with those unit prices and immediately see what costs how much etc.

I will note on my todo list to create a tutorial for this specific use case.


I downloaded power bi desktop but i have no idea hov to get the exported .3dbi in to it. Realy have no clue. Any tutorial on this?


More in detail: How-To – Custom 3D Power BI visual of a warehouse | KG-dev
Those about getting a revit model in power bi might be inspiring as well, the power bi part is the same: 3DBI for Revit | KG-dev

Here it handles about linking data from excel into it as well: How-To – Custom 3D Power BI visual of Revit rooms with a static context | KG-dev

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