Please help! I have what looks like a glass effect on my project

After I put a 3/4" floor sheathing over my floor joists I get this??house project with mirror effect on sheathing and seeing the framing underneath.skp (330.6 KB)

It looks as if your model has what I believe is called Z-axis conflict. Two surfaces are trying to occupy the same plane. If you pull up the top components even 1/64", the conflict will disappear.

Thank you for helping, I tried that and nothing happened it still was looking like it was, so I deleted all the sheathing and built a 1/64" block or padding under the sheathingsheathing with padding.skp (311.9 KB)neath the sheathing and on top of the floor joist and replaced the sheathing with no change padding enlarged.skp (343.3 KB)

Looking at your original model you have two issue.
One is Z-fighting which as mentioned by dave is two faces competing for the same place.
You have a single face under your sheeting that is causing it. Delete it and it will go away.

The other is Bleed through and you can read about that by clicking Here.