Planer Table

Somewhat finished. Plenty of errors probably.

Help with correcting errors appreciated.


Looks good. Though you do have some alignment issues with the bottom supports, the 3" groups and the 30x20 bottom plate

It looks reasonably OK. Like I told you before, for a project of this nature, it would be a good idea to increase precision and set the units to Fractional. The long support rails aren’t made the way we talked about doing it and their widths are a bit sketchy. It would be appropriate to make them 7/16 in. thick like the other parts.

As @g.h.hubers mentioned, the top and bottom have an overhang. Is that intentional?

Is the model uploaded show the frame as OSB?
The setting is 1/64.
The overhang does not show on my end.
They are 30x20x7/16.

Not only the overhang that may or may not be intended But the “support” components collide with the bottom 30x20 plate.

Yes they do.

No. There is nothing in the model indicating OSB.

Must be looking at different models.

I’ll try to get the correct model this time.

Hope this is correct.

I get a 404 message saying the file isn’t there anymore.

That’s a different one.

Top drawer false front has no thickness.

Frame sides aren’t doubled up correctly. Looks like you opened the component for editing and copied the geometry to make the second layer.

If the 30" brace is made of OSB, it’s some pretty thick stuff.

A few other dimensions likely need some work, too.
The tildes (~), the 32nds and 64ths are the clues.