Place scale measurements on a model


Is there an extension for this or is there a way to do this? Like making a ruler model, how does one place the measurements on the model?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

You can model a ruler to use in SketchUp but creating scaled views for output is easier in LayOut.

Not quite clear what you mean.

Normal practice in SU is to draw models full size (or x100 or x1000 if you are modelling small objects, e.g., for 3D printing, to avoid SU’s ‘small edges’ problems).

You could draw your model full size, then scale it up or down using either the Tape Measure tool, or the Scale tool, then use the Dimension tool to draw the dimensions.

Or if you want 2D drawings, use Layout to create the 2D drawings ‘to scale’ and use the Layout dimension tools to add the dimensions.

Please complete your profile - you don’t say what version of SU you are using. If it is a web version, or SU Make, you won’t have access to Layout.

Like in the image-the measurement markings on the models.

You can model that sort of thing using 3D text and the native modeling tools. I did these that way.


Ok. Do u have a quick guide on that? It’ll be of so much help. I’d like it to be of same precision as say a measuring tape.

No guide. It’s just a matter of laying out the marks correctly and then placing 3D text components. Might be helpful if youset the 3D text to align to center. That puts the insertion point at the bottom center of the component. Since you should be working in real world dimensions it should be straightforward. Use linear arrays created with Move/Copy to make the tick marks along the scale. It’ll make quick work of that.

Ok, Thanks.

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Good luck. It should go easily enough once you get started.

FWIW, here’s another example.

In this case because I wanted white marks and text on black, I laid out the scales as above but then I exported an image and inverted the colors in an image editor. I cropped the image to the shape of the rule and then used it as a texture image in the SketchUp model.

or I could just get those adhesive tapes like used on workbenches and be done with it! :smiley:

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That would be easy. Maybe use a tape measure like this:


more of this

It goes on to this.

I figured more like that. Make sure it doesn’t look like the one I posted. You’ll have problems.

Sure. Thanks.