Pick_helper exclude component

Thanks everybody for your help. It’s been some very tedious hours. Thankfully it’s looking more hopeful now :slight_smile:


Want to log a feature request for input points to be able to exclude things?

We already have two existing issues:


Hi,could you share the source code to me please?I meet this problem but i do not know how to catch the page , caculate the distance and note it.


It’s part of a proprietary extension. My move tool is 1,250 lines of poorly documented code that would be very difficult for you to understand with out the rest of the code in my project.

Instead why don’t you start a new thread showing what you tried and the specific problems you run into as individual questions.

For example you will get better answers if you ask questions like “How can I calculate the distance between two points” (Answer: point1.distance(point2)) You will get quick helpful answers.

On the other hand if you ask questions like “How can I make an extension to draw trees at random intervals?” You will likely receive little or no help.

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