Perpendicular face tool can't create circles

I downloaded the Perpendicular face tool, installed it and restarted SU just to be sure. I can create squares easily but circles don’t work. What can be the problem? The tool was updated in 2014 and it sounds a bit obsolete but what do I know.

Sounds rather old. Can you ask the author of the plugin? He/she is probably the only one to know about its innards.

I’ve sent him a question.

I did some testing and I now can create circles with a radius/diameter of down to 3 cm. If I change it to 2 cm the circle disappears totally. With squares I can go down to 0.1 cm.

The circle segment count might be set to some insane number

It creates a group and the reason why the limit is 3 cm could have something to do with the number of segments which is 24. If I explode the group I can change the diameter to whatever I want so that could be a reasonable workaround

Almost certainly the tool is drawing the circle and then SketchUp immediately and silently deletes it because the vertices are too close together. You could try reducing the default number of sides by activating the circle tool and typing a smaller number than 24. I don’t know whether the perpendicular face tool respects that setting but it’s worth a try.

You can change the number of sides on the circle by adding s at the end. As in 12s for a 12-sided circle. It still won’t draw a circle with less than a 1 inch radius. I have a vague recollection from when Chris first released this that it was a limitation added for something. I generally only use the circle as a reference on which I draw my own shape. Then I delete the group so this limitation has never been a real problem for me. It usually doesn’t orient the circle with the vertices where I want them anyway.

or use the pie-tool:


There’s the explanation. 3 cm is just above 1" and 2 cm is below.

Elegant but I can’t get the circle perpendicular to the line - it lies flat. Tried with Shift and Ctrl.

Click and drag to set the axis of rotation.