Permanently setting shortcuts

I have sketchup pro 2020 on Mac OS X and I am trying to set my command shortcuts in sketchup. Setting the commands is fine but every time I close sketchup and log back in it’s erased all my custom commands and I have to reprogram them. how do I permanently set these shortcuts?

I think the Mac OS prevents the use of the Command modifier key for shortcuts.

@DaveR is correct that you can’t set shortcuts that use the command key on Mac, but I’m not sure that is what you mean. Your shortcuts are saved in a .json file and what you describe sounds like the save is failing. I’ve not encountered that. It sounds like an installation issue.

yeh that’s essentially the issue. I’ve never used .json files tho.

You don’t do anything, it happens automatically behind the scenes. How did you install 2020? If you are running it directly from the dmg without installing correctly that will cause problems.

I just downloaded it directly from the sketchup website, but I could uninstall and reinstall it if necessary. Whats the best way in which to do that?

The download should be a file named SketchUpPro-2020-2.dmg. Double click in Finder to open it. There will be a delay while macOS verifies the package and an icon labeled SketchUp 2020 on your desktop. Then it should open a window that looks like this:

In that window, drag the SketchUp 2020 icon onto the Applications folder icon, as suggested by the big gray arrow. That will do the installation correctly. When it completes, right-click on the desktop icon and choose “unmount”.

Then try SketchUp again and let us know if it saves your shortcuts correctly.

I’m on a iMac PRO, using SKP PRO 2020 20.2.171 - just installed today. I checked my custom commands and they are still there from SKP PRO 2018, also created a new command just to test. Shut down SKP and then re-opened program and it was there.

So it seems fine for me…sorry Dom.

…though upon further inspection the actual “command” key cannot be used, but option key , control key etc…can be used.

As above.

Thank for the help guys. For the record i don’t really use ‘command+’ keys more just single key commands (ie D=hide rest of model) but ill se what happens if I try reinstalling it and let you know how it goes.

There is a problem in the code…I have been testing what changes in the particular *.JSON file and this is what it looks like…

 "Settings": {
        "Num_Shortcuts": 21,
        "Shortcut_1": "0 0 0 G makeComponent:",
        "Shortcut_10": "0 0 0 Q selectRotateTool:",
        "Shortcut_11": "0 0 0 S selectScaleTool:",
        "Shortcut_12": "0 0 0 F selectOffsetTool:",
        "Shortcut_13": "0 0 0 O selectOrbitTool:",
        "Shortcut_14": "0 0 0 H selectDollyTool:",
        "Shortcut_15": "0 0 0 Z selectZoomTool:",
        "Shortcut_16": "0 0 1 Z viewZoomExtents:",
        "Shortcut_17": "0 0 0 E selectEraseTool:",
        "Shortcut_18": "0 0 0 K toggleDisplayBackEdges:",
        "Shortcut_19": "1 0 0 P viewPerspective:",
        "Shortcut_2": "0 0 0 L selectLineTool:",
        "Shortcut_20": "0 1 0 W showModelPropertiesPanel:",
        "Shortcut_21": "0 0 0 X selectSelectionTool:",
        "Shortcut_3": "0 0 0 T selectMeasureTool:",
        "Shortcut_4": "0 0 0 B selectPaintTool:",
        "Shortcut_5": "0 0 0 R selectRectangleTool:",
        "Shortcut_6": "0 0 0 C selectCircleTool:",
        "Shortcut_7": "0 0 0 A selectArcTool:",
        "Shortcut_8": "0 0 0 P selectPushPullTool:",
        "Shortcut_9": "0 0 0 M selectMoveTool:"

The problem is that the spacebar still invokes the Window/Model Info command even though it was modified.

How and where can we turn the off or how can I switch out the spacebar to invoke the select arrow.