Part of the model missing when imported to lumion 8..please help


Hey there. I cant import my sketchup model totally to lumion8… it seems that bottom half of the model is missing… i really cant change faces anymore as i did my maximum … im a beginner so i diddn make layers or sorts to the model… i dont know whats stopping it from importing fully… please help me on this


You’ve give us very little to go on. Upload the SketchUp file so we can see it. Help us help you.


I cant … because the attachment is too big…its 25 mb


I don’t know anything about Lumion, but just guessing: Is the bottom half of your model below the SketchUp ground plane, and is Lumion adding an opaque ground plane automatically?


Yea… exactlyIMG_20180415_140349902_HDR


Uploading… This is what i actually looks like


You need to pull the model’s insertion point up in Lumion. This is not a SketchUp issue.


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