Panning while selecting

This seems like a silly question, but is there a way to pan or zoom while selecting?
As an exercise in using SketchUp Pro 2022, I decided to model a virtual table saw with a ruler running along the red axis and a simple square “blade” whose thickness was the 3/32" of my actual thin-kerf table saw blade. I was able to use the Solid Subtract tool to cut a board, but what I get still seems to be a single solid rather than two separate solids. I want to make each a separate solid, and to do so I have to explode the solid the reselect one piece. Since there is only a 3/32 gap between the two pieces, I have to zoom in to start the selection, but then I can’t get to the other end of the piece which is 5 feet long. I seem to remember being able to zoom in and out while selecting in SketchUp 2017, but when I try to zoom while selecting now, the selection rectangle stays in the same place on the screen rather than being locked to the model. I can’t find any mention in the user manual of zooming while selecting.

I don’t quite follow what you are describing but… you should be able to triple click on one half of the cut item to select it all without it selecting the other.
Here’s a demo, the slice creates a gap between the two parts.

Thank you. Yes, I can now do that. What threw me was that the two pieces remain part of an edited component and I did not know the difference between clicking once on the component to select it and triple clicking to get to the new group in the component. I just did not know that triple clicking selected all connected things.

The number of clicks used is one of the fundamentals of sketchup.

On raw geometry
1 click selects the face (or a single edge if clicking on an edge)
2 clicks select the face and its edges
3 clicks selects all connected geometry

On a group/component
1 click selects the G/C
2 clicks opens the G/C for editing
once open see actions for raw geometry.

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Thank you. I appreciate your taking time to explain something so basic. You would think after using SketchUp for12 or 15 years I would know that!

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