(Painfully New) Looking to create two isosceles triangles, positioned back to back (12" from point to point), 2 inches thick


Thank you for tolerating my limited proficiency. There’s likely a proper guide for learning how to do this, if you’re able to point me to such a link it would be much appreciated, then I can get out of your hair. :slight_smile:

Otherwise could someone help me either find a pre-fabed model or instructions?

Many thanks!

Have you looked at this discussion? Sounds kind of similar except you have two equal sides. Maybe you know the third side?

Maybe you could give us something like pencil sketch of what you’re trying to accomplish?

Where’s the back of a triangle? Which two points are 12 inches apart? Are you really talking about an equilateral triangle?

Here, I tried to sketch it up in Paint 3D real quick but couldn’t find the “mirror” option, so I just drew in the rest with the pen tool, but imagine they are the same as the shape drawn. Not to scale and pretty ugly, but I hope it gets the point across. It might actually be clearer if it were all done with the pen tool… lemme know.

As drawn, obviously the 2D portion. I’m looking for two inches of depth consistent across the entire unit.

Yeah it looks to be in the ballpark but not quite what I’m going for and sadly I don’t know enough to bridge the difference. Over the next couple weeks I’m gonna try and designate about 45 minutes a day to going through the Learn Sketchup videos and hopefully I’ll be able to answer my own question by then :slightly_smiling_face:

@RTCool @DaveR

I was browsing the warehouse and found a lot of models that are just not quite right. I think the closest I’ve found is this guy, but it would still necessitate a mirroring and some dimension alterations. Plus clearing out those little holes and flaps.

Something like this.

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Exactly. Nailed it. Thank you!
I’m going to try to replicate how you built this, but could you send me the file just in case?

Seriously, thank you!!!

Yes, right on! The only things that would be slightly different is that it wouldn’t have the lines inside the shape (maybe they are already just there for reference?) and it would be positioned horizontally, 90 degrees shifted from the current image.

Thanks so much! I’m going to download this and play around with it and hopefully learn something. :grinning:


@Box I took a go at creating this but my fresh new page looks much different, and my toolbars are way different. I haven’t been able to find the Dimensions button that you begin with in your excellent .gif (thank you thank you thank you. It’s an excellent way to communicate the idea)

what you see is a different template, @Box’s looks like the ‘Simple Template Feet and Inches’, but most likely modified…

it’s a custom menu, reduced to the tools needed for a range of quick gifs, you have all the tools needed…

there is no button, start making a Rectangle and type 12,6 and then use the Enter key…

SU will adjust the box to 12 inches X 6 inches, if using the right Template…

the rest relies on ‘inferencing’ which is SU finding the middle of the edge as you hover reasonably close to it…

just click when you see the inference point…

have fun


Hi John,

Thanks so much. Having some experience with Photoshop I figured it was broadly something along those lines but wasn’t sure what to name what I’ve been looking for.

I’m installing Sketchup on the computer that I’m on for today and I’ll give it a try.


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