Package export possible?

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I want to export a drawing in the way that my customer gets one file that he can open and look at the drawing, like a one-click-all-included file. Is that possible or does the customer always need to install sketchup viewer?
thanks, Oliver

SketchUp (like most other apps) does not provide any support for a self-opening or “one-click-all-included” file. There might be some way to accomplish this but it would require something aside from SketchUp.

You can export 2d images very easily.

You are using Pro so you have access to Layout. Layout allows you to produce a multi-page document. You can print that to PDF and create a single file that contains all the drawing pages. Is that the kind of thing you mean?

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I am surprised that no one has written a plugin for this, something like Acad’s eTransmit.

you can either export with the commercial SimLab 3D PDF exporter (trial avail., install by “Window > Extension Warehouse > Search: SimLab 3D PDF”) as an interactive 3D PDF viewable with the free Adobe Reader probably installed on every system already.

Or upload to the 3D Warehouse and share a (private) link to the model which can be shown in the browser incl. an interactive view of the 3D model.


Many of the replies boil down to interpretation of what the OP meant by “look at”. If that means viewing an image or a printed copy, indeed SketchUp and Layout support both of those kinds of exports. But if it means manipulating a model (even if just orbit, pan, and zoom) then some sort of viewer is needed. As @SketchUp3D_de observed, an upload to the 3DWarehouse might work as the viewer.

Other possibilities are




I have no idea how eTransmit works so I can’t comment on that.

A plugin runs inside SketchUp, so that wouldn’t answer the question in itself. It would have to export some sort of package that combined the model content with executable code to do the viewing. Since the SketchUp file format and the SketchUp viewer code are both proprietary, that could be quite a technical challenge and might violate the user license.

sorry for not beeing specific enough :slight_smile:
when I mean “look at” I mean that the costumer is able to (in minimum) pan, zoom and rotate the object.
Best, Oliver

If you want to view a 3D model you need a viewer. That pretty much goes for any file out there.

I tested the hint with the 3D pdf export and that works for me for the moment. Thanks for all your comments!
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I’m missing why you can’t just send them the original file? Unlike CAD, SketchUp doesn’t externally link to files unless you tell it to. All the components, textures, scenes, etc are all in the model. But there are some issues with sending ‘editable’ files to your customers as they can change things.

Alternatively, you can always embed your model in a website via 3Dwarehouse link… Easiest way is to upload to 3D Warehouse and paste embed link in your site. Explained here:

I like that there is a sidebar tab that lets you select the models scenes, etc.

Twinmotion is free and lets you export self containing packages.