Outside walls on Layout Floorplan not bound by a line

Hi Guys… very new Layout user here… Sorry if this is a very small fry issue but I cant seem to get this right…
I have imported a floorplan from Sketchup with a separate wall scene to everything else. The walls are groups in Sketchup and are completely bound by lines… After exporting into Layout, most of the outside edges of my walls are no longer bound by lines (ie the wall colour and edge of colour is visible but there is no line… I cannot snap onto the edges to add dimensions (as there seems to be no edge).
I have tried to use the line tool to add the lines, but it will not snap on to the corners of the walls to enable me to draw the line… Please help!!
EDIT- I believe a lot of my missing binding lines are buried under the geometry in the layer called ‘everything else’…Any help showing me the best way to uncover these lines and reassign them to the correct geometry and layer would be great. Thanks

Link to .layout file: Dropbox - Assignment 4.layout - Simplify your life

Link to .skp file: Dropbox - IDI Floor Plan Final - 21.skp - Simplify your life

This may be an issue related to the context of the group being dimensioned. Hard to say without examining the LO file, so you should post the file here so other users can see what’s going on.

If the LO file is larger than 3mb, try zipping it or use a file sharing service to upload the file. If using the latter method, be sure to post the relevant url address so others can locate the file to download it.

edited the original post with both .skp file and .layout file links.
Thank you

Youre issue’s derive from the fact that there are ‘shared’ edges on another Layer then the faces are. In SketchUp, you cannot have a face without edges. Though some of the geometry, like the walls, are nicely grouped and assigned to the Layer Walls, some edges inside those groups are on the ‘everything else’ Layer. It is best practice to have all loose geometry (edges and faces) on the same Layer. (Mostly the default Layer0) and group the parts of the drawing that need to be controlled (toggling visibilty on or off)

The Layering in SketchUp does not prevent the ‘sharing of edges’ as you might have experienced wile moving things around that ‘sticked’ to each other… Allthough they are called Layers, their usage is not the same as the ‘traditional’ 2D programs and they are definitively not the same Layers in LayOut.
For now, you must edit the wall groups (double click on it, or right-click and 'Edit Group) and once inside, select everything by triple-clicking and put it all on the default Layer0. (You must have all the entities in the group selected)

The same applies to the rest of the drawing (Everything else) If you have something that can be build-or-bought, group it and assign it to a furniture-layer etc.

Using a 3D program for 2D-floorplans puts you in a somewhat difficult spot, since you’re objects have no volume or height, and they are fighting who’s on top but you can still manage that by selecting the object and making it a ‘glue to’ component, so it won’t be fighting with the floor:

EDIT: You can change the property of existing components, too:

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This is incredibly helpful! Thanks so much for your time!


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