Outliner and dynamic components

i am often working with outliner window and dynamic component options window
is there a simple way of having an excel or csv ou txt export of the contents of the outliner with only the parameters defines in the dynamic component options window?

thank you for your time

have you tried a custom ‘File’ >> ‘Generate Report’?


no i didn’t. i’m on sketchup 2014, so the report is very full of unexpected infomations for me…

If those of us that have later versions go off line, when we run the generate report, we get the same dialogue and data as you do.
It is possible to sort this in Excel using a VBA script, however you would need some handles to collect the right data and purge all the lower level rubbish.
Say if you use the Name attribute for any level that has information, placed information in description, then quantities in summary, use layers …


the first filter would delete all none named entities then another sort and sum up

I would suggest you download and try SU2016 at the least. It has the new cloud report generator that you can control much better.

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