Orientation problem with lettering through diagonal offset glass panes

I am in SKU 19
I have a glass pane created by offsetting two circles diagonally
I am trying to place lettering through the glass to be read from the inner side
from the left (the last letters R, E to the first letter half the circle away R
there are 4 words in total.
This is for a “game environment” so it does NOT need to be build in real physical life
Each word in a different colour scheme but font (INK FREE) size and thickness are the same.
I extrapolated the whole thing copy paste outside along my main building to work easire
I get so sucked into it during this process
I only noticed many hours after trying this lettering process and saving over the same file that
I had deleted the main structure it was sitting on.

Lucky I always save the previous stage… at am at 195th saving after 2 years of work
I know I can make it red locked but so often I simply forget doing it when going into a group
to copy something out. Blame my ADHD and rather artistic way to create.

I made lines towards one of the circles centers
then I place letters one by one (not the full word as it will not align to the curve that
actually isn’t a curve. ( I have watched the place letters along a curve before and done
some years ago) but here the the glass pane faces change direction in a special way.

Then I go the letter and open component and push it through the glass along the
one or the next lines towards the center on top.
It’s all very cumbersome as the curve is diagonal so the geometry also changes in diagonal
and I get lost in my XYZ along which line to make it move into place

It’s an lgtbq oriented project so don’t mind the choice of words etc…just for fun like a shop.

I am sure there is a better way hopefully without another extension etc

After many years I just got a new PC with 128GB RAM but nearly the same CPU
I am told by my SO.
Budget…:frowning: it’s a hand me down from the office at discount price
(it has increased my ability to save and re import from a new file for render in Lumion
but NOT faster)
Lately it refused and said mip pic error not enough memory
naturally my file is +2GB

No budget for faster CPU or best graphic card
I read something about “overclocking” to make it work faster
Anyone on knowledgeable on that subject with SKU I don’t want to grill my PC at my age.
I know I write a lot but the right technical vocabulary is and remains an issue.

Thank you

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

you could simply write letter by letter, and place each one flat on the corresponding glass panel.

cut your model in pieces.

a 2gb model isn’t a model it’s a black hole. but then again I’m not the first one to tell you that

so yeah, cut it in parts. you don’t need 100% of your model present at the same time.

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Merci beaucoup.

Yes I know I have been told before.
S’expliquer avec le language correct c’est pas toujours facile.

I tried to convey this several times before.
When I started I never knew it was becoming such a huge project.
I am NOT a programmer and this wasn’t planned, like pre planned project
it just grew one me but I am on the last steps before moving on to UE 5.3

But when one sort of paints in 3D as one goes along.
I feel the need to be able to jump and fly around my model and look up something
I can’t each time close the software open an other file then go and open again
With my ADHD under control letting me concentrate the project growth just sucks me in
And yes I do often “forget” to lock groups and that comes and bites me when I delete
stuff that is connected somehow and I only see it gone when I zoom out.

Anyway. I managed as you suggested.
I have no problems working with the file as such it orbits etc on the spot within the second.
I save every 15min.
I only have problems time to save and reopen
and importing over and existing file in my render software.
But although it still takes time ±15-20min with my additional RAM it has managed to do so.
I read bad and good stuff about overclocking…
It sounds tempting. We don’t live in a hot climate and I have a flat extra fan next to the PC
when in summer temperatures go over 23C

Encore une fois grand merci a vous labas a Marseille tres belle ville
j’y suis passe souvent durant ma jeunesse.