Opencutlist Header

Hi there, I have noticed today that my Opencutlist Header is the name of the template that I used and not the name of my saved Sketchup file as in previous drawings. This just seems to be happening with this one job that has several drawings where I used the same Template. Am I able to change the header name back to the saved drawing.


@boris.beaulant might know, I pinged him for you…

Hi @vaughan004,

The header texte could be :

And in addition

Combined with Model description and Scene description

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Thank You. Not too sure why this has changed as i have never had to change it to the saved drawing before. It was allways set as default?

Except for the active path, the rest works like this since several versions, yes.

What do you see exactly ?
The file name (.skp) of the template or the model name defined in the template ?

Model name of the template

But on my other drawings it is the name of the .skp file

Ok, and do the “other” models have a model name defined ?

Else, just set the model name to blank in your template, and new model will have this field to blank too.

For what goal do you set the model name attribute in the template ?

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If I don’t save the SketchUp file, it returns untitled .skp. So all is good right now, just could not understand why it named those few drawing as the Template name. Thanks for the help.