Open Cut list how to make manual list

Hello, I had a few questions about Open cut list. The cut list can be both exported and printed directly. The program is really excellent overall. The only thing I have difficulty with is when I want to adjust the list according to myself. Because the 1st list gives an automatic list because html codes are used. When I want to print out this list, it consumes a lot of my time because it consumes a lot of paper and the list cannot be edited manually. On the other hand, this program is the best cutting program I can use. If I knew the CSS codes a little, I could have created an orderly list without wasting paper by removing the spaces according to my preference. Can you help me on how to set list names and lists in CSS? Are the codes we received from GPT useful?


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are they ever ?

Useful to waste your time a little more :wink:.

Thank you :blush:

First best option : do not print to paper, but print to PDF and use a computer, a tablet, a phone or an e-reader to read it in your workshop.

Else, several options exist to use less pages :

In Preferences tab,

  1. Set Print Margins to Small
  2. Set Height of Table Rows to Compact

OR, if you want your own layout, export parts list to CSV (docs link) and import it to your preferred spreadsheet software to render it as you want.
Of course, you can customize each exported value and column (docs link).

Otherwise, I’m curious how many lines your parts list contains to make you feel like you’re wasting your time when printing?