Open a .3DXML file?


It’s a new one on me. I just received a .3dxml file that I’m wrestling with. I managed to rename the file extension to .zip which forces Mac OS to treat a zip and unpacks the file into a folder of material jpgs and more 3dxml. Looks like the only viewer or converter I can find is from Dassault the manufacturer and appears to be windows only. Anyone worked with this file type before? I looking to even view at this point, or convert to .DWG?



3DXML is a proprietary 3D file format developed by Dassault Systemes under its 3DVIA Brand. It uses an XML container whose specifications were published. It should not be confused with X3D, the ISO standard XML-based file format for representing 3D computer graphics.

There is a Windows only player browser plugin:


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