Online Courses for Kitchen Design

Hey there! I would like to take some online courses, ive been looking on the internet cant seem to find the right one, i would specifically like a Kitchen design. Maybe someone can help me…

If you’re asking in regard to then making the kitchen in SketchUp, lessons like this one might be on the right lines:

As for knowing how to design a nice kitchen, I’m not sure!

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Hey, thanks for the advice the courses look good! I was thinking more of a course lets say not so much focused on the program but more on the kitchen planning, styles etc.

You should probably look at schools that have interior design programs. Or you might find books on the topic. If you want good training, expect to pay for it, though.

My advice on kitchen design would be to look at designs in
Google Photo, Kitchen Design Community. Import a photo of something close to what you think is ideal then make changes to your liking and dimensions of the project site. Saved the finished design as a SketchUp file and also a jpeg file. With a .jpeg file you can send the design to someone who does not use SketchUp such as a client. You could also find kitchen designs in “Houzz”

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