Older version of Sketchup, pre 2017

Looking for an older version of Sketchup, 2017 or older i guess (using 2020 now). Have some .eup files that needs to be imported and converted from an old project. These files where generated by Eagle Cadsoft (eCad software for printed circuit board). A script generated 3D files of the board which could be imported into Sketchup using a plugin called eagleUp_import.rbz which seems to be non existing in newer versions of sketchup. We need this to convert old projects into new form.

Or is it possible to download older rbz’s somewhere and install into Sketchup 2020 version?

Thanks in advance

The eup file in this zip shows an example of the format. Maybe someone reckognize the format used and if there are other extensions that could be used in the newer versions of Sketchup?
4149400 PCB - SIP Relay board.zip (978 Bytes)

SketchUp Pro – Download-Center (sketchup3d.de)

Note that whatever version of SketchUp you download, it doesn’t include the extension you mentioned so you have to find that elsewhere. When you find it, you could first try installing it into your current version of SketchUp.

I downloaded the rbz from here:
eagleUp/eagleUp_import.rbz at master · McNeight/eagleUp · GitHub
and installed successfully to SU 2021 (I guess it will work on 2020 too)

then imported your file and saved as 2020 file
4149400 PCB - SIP Relay board.skp (338.2 KB)


Mucho appreciated

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