Offset face breaks from object during push/pull

I created an object (a board with thickness) and then later added an offset to it so that I could place it on my buildings easily with the correct gap between panels. When I try to push/pull the object the offset does not move with it. What am I missing?

The light blue area is the offset face.

Tried to add another pic but it won’t allow me yet.

Pretty much impossible to tell from your screen shot. Share the .skp file so we can diagnose the problem.

You can’t push/pull objects, only single faces. So not multiple faces at once.

True using the native tool. Fredo6’s Joint Push Pull extension can act on multiple faces at the same time.

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Hmm…I have downloaded objects…lumber and such with multiple sides…and all the faces move in relation when I push/pull.

Yeah…but I want other faces staked to the face I’m PP.

As Dave said.

Only with the extension Joint PushPull (maybe some other extension as well?) can more than one face be push-pulled at a time. The native tool only push-pulls one face at a time. You CAN select more than one face and simply use the MOVE tool to move them at once, but that is a different operation. It could have the same result as push pull in some circumstances.

Push/pull only moves one face. Is it possible you are thinking of the scale tool?

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Yep. Scale it is. Selected the object, hit S and used the “Green scale about the opposite point.” Worked perfect .

I forgot to make my copy unique and now I’m wondering why the rescale didn’t apply to the other sheets? The way it worked out was the intended result, just curious.

Scaling a component only affects that component. It doesn’t show in the others. If you open the component for editing and scale the geometry, you are modifying the component definition so the change will show in any other instances of the component.

Note that scaling the component instead of the geometry inside it does not change the definition unless you right click on it and choose Scale Definition.

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