Offset 2d Path - shift the list points to regain the same order of the original list points

I have a closed point curve, when I do an “offset 2d path” with the “meter” option.
The list of points is not in the same order as the list of points in the original curve.
I add a node “shift list” to shift by -1 the liste of points.
If I edit my curve with parameters that adds or removes points and changes their positions. I sometimes need to change the value of the shift to be able to find the correct order.

Is there a rule to provide for the modification to be made to the shift?

Because I must add an “integer node” to visually correct the value of the “shift” and it’s not pro!

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Simjoubert,

It is a tricky one to solve, offsetting a curve while maintaining points/order isn’t a trivial operation. The offset node does have a ‘mode’ that will work for this called ‘simple’. The ‘simple’ mode will maintain the order, but it might not result in the shape that you are after.

Then the next operation of lofting between curves of differing points is another tricky operation (we will be hoping to support this better in the future though!).

Are you able to share the graph? Maybe we can find a solution together that works.

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Hello Keith
Here is the link of the graphic (this is my wooden deck v2):