No light coming through Window in sketchup using TheaRender


Im trying my hand at rendering, I used to export from sketchup to blender. I just got TheaRender for sketchup. It looks pretty powerful, but not as much help out there as some other software.

The current problem is I can not get sunlight to shine in through my window. The window texture is on both sides of the plane. I can see inside the room through the window but still no sunlight shines through.

Along those same lines, the sun comes through hidden walls, when I dont really want that to happen, I just want to be able to see inside the room Im working with.

My lighting issues are a whole other disaster, which I would love it if someone had some tutorial links or videos to share.

File attached
Studio Room.skp (751.6 KB)


You don’t suppose the fact that there’s no hole in the wall where the windows are has anything to do with it, do you?

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How do I put a glass texture if there is just a hole in the wall?

I guess I would have put the glass in the window frame but at least I’d have given it a transparent material not a solid white with 100% opacity…

I’m not sure with Thea but many rendering applications won’t render back faces even if they have a material applied to them. You’d have to give the glass (and the walls) thickness. They have none in this example.

Even when I make it transparent, I can see shadows in sketchup but still wont come through on the thea render side.

ah, thickness, let me try

Studio Room thick walls.skp (406.4 KB)

This is in Kerkythea, not Thea with the model I attached. I used a glass preset in the renderer materials settings. I didn’t let the render complete but you can get the idea.

Thanks I’m working on it, needed to update to 2021. Should be able to check soon.

Oh boy, the 2021 just keeps crashing.

You may be pushing it running 2021 on High Sierra. That could be it. Old OS.

Here’s some videos on Thea.

ya, downloading the new os as well.

If you have an older computer I’d try Mojave if you can.