No classic license from server

Anyone else has issues starting SketchUp 2021 with a classic license? Last year we had the same issue. Is there a certificate that isn’t updated at or do they have a maintainance going on?

SketchUp Pro is unable to connect to the network license server.

Please read this article on how to troubleshoot the issue.

You will not have access to SketchUp Pro functionality such as imports and exports, LayOut, reporting, etc. until this issue is resolved.

we have the same issues with the classic licenses since this morning. One of the two License Server is not working correctly. So as a workaround, i’ll changed the license server in the sketchup.lic

How can I do that?

c:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\Sketchup.lic
open in notepad
change number in de first line to another license server number


It’ s working again here without changing the entry

thank your
the fixe worked for me .

Yes just checked and server 1 is up again. Thank for the help all.

Hi there, same problem here in Italy.
I changed my lic file to and I can confirm it’s finally working.
thanks a lot

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