No apparent way to import a PDF Vector Graphics (*.PDF) file in 2023 SketchUp

I recently upgraded my SketchUp Pro 2022 to SU Pro 2023 and earlier had also purchased the Brockworks Technologies PDF Importer extension so I can upload PDF files into SU.
One of the steps in importing PDF’s into the extension is you have to select the file type to import as a PDF Vector Graphics(*.PDF) file. But the new 2023 upgrade version does not have that as a file option to select and import. Anybody else experience this and is there a workaround that’s easy for a non-techie like myself to navigate to get PDF’s to import into SU 2023?

Did you install the extension in SketchUp 2023? That menu option wouldn’t be there unless you install the extension first.

BTW, your forum says you are using SU2019. Please update that to the current information.

Thanks Dave,
I just got an email from the developer that said I needed to re-install all my extensions into 2023 before they’ll work. I just assumed all the extensions would auto transfer to a new upgrade.

No. Extension do not automatically transfer when you install a new version of SketchUp. Each major release of SketchUp installs as a separate program so unless you intentionally uninstall 2022, it’s still installed. Very often extensions require updating for new SketchUp versions so installing the latest versions of them is important to make sure you are up to date.

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