New MAJ Door

MAJ Door the new version can make doors in all kinds of walls created by any plugin and don’t limit you to using walls created by “MAJ Wall”. Although if you use walls created by “MAJ Wall” you will find some advantages same as wall transparency. The free version is available at the following link address: MAJ Door | SketchUcation


Will this work with the Medeek Wall plugin? That would be really cool if it could.

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Hi, It can cut any kind of wall if no column inside the wall. I will check if it works with Medeek Wall.

Medeek Walls as I understand has some columns inside so “MAJ Door” cannot make a door inside it.

Is cutting based on context (group or component)? Can you have alternate designs occupying the same space on hidden tags/layers and it sorts out which one it’s associated with? The way Flextools works, it sees all surfaces in all contexts in the same space hidden or not and tries to cut them all making it impossible to use tags/layers for design alternates.

The face you select can belong to a group or a component or model. After it, the plugin tries to find an opposite face in same group or component. In the next step, the plugin searches all visible faces in the model to find the connected face. Another face can be in another group or component. Then opposite face… As you can see in the video, all layers of the wall are cut by the plugin. Layers can have different groups, or components, or different tags. This is the best I can do for this plugin.

So it won’t work with the Medeek Wall plugin if full framing mode is turned on. How about if the “No Framing” mode is utilized in Medeek?

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I changed the tagging to match what was generated with his wall plugin, and the tools were able to interact with one another, but… not well…

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Can “Medeek Wall” plugin make a wall without STUD? I edited Medeek Wall and deleted STUDs. Also, I add another side for the wall. (I don’t know plugin can do the same or not.)
Following you can see the result.


I solved the problem. Just needed to delete a face.


When creating a wall, you can edit the “Wall Framing” parameter to “No” and it will not generate the studs.
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Please try MAJ_Door again.

It doesn’t work for me.

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Gotta click update.

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I used the latest version. No more update is available now.


Change the wall framing to “NO” and then click the “Update” button at the top of the menu.

This will remove all of the studs and represent the wall framing as a single solid.

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I do it and the “MAJ Door” and “MAJ Window” plugin works well when no framing.

Of course the problem is that when I regenerate the wall within my plugin the holes you cut with MAJ Door will probably get filled back in and the doors and windows will be removed if they are embedded inside of the wall group. However this can be avoided to some degree if the windows and doors have the word “CUSTOM” as part of their entity name.

Additionally the hole can be maintained by including a subtraction solid (put it on a separate layer/tag so it can have its visibility toggled) within the wall panel which maintains the hole even with a rebuild.

A subtraction solid would also have the ability to cut through all of the studs as well so this would work for a framed wall and not just for the non-framed wall.

Send me this wall panel above ( and let me run a few tests on it to see what I can figure out.

If the wall is without studs MAJ extensions work well and cut Medeek walls and make doors on them. Please download the latest version from the following link addresses.