NESTING software?

Hi. I have some irregular pieces in my model, that are places at odd angles. What is the fastest way to make production drawings from it? I guess there must be a way to avoid copying and positioning along the axes to find out where to cut the plates that I have in stock.
It would be very usefull for stairs…

Try 2 free extensions below:

  1. Open Cut List: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse
  2. ABF: ABF Extension (

I already use Open Cutlist. It is noy realy a nesting software. It fits the form (let’s say a rectangular) in a rectangle and then makes a fit’s this rectangular in a sawplan. So a lot of waste. I have seen deep nest, But cannot install it.

Maybe you can try Deepnest.

Let try ABF, it’s free and has nesting feature.

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When I try to open it, it says: Deepnest cannot be openend because the “developper cannot be verified” or something like that. perhaps somewhere my safety settings need to be changed?

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But the communication on the site is in a lnaguage that I don’t understand at all.

Please update your forum profile. Having correct info there is often essential to solving a problem for you!

What kind of computer are you running? Your forum profile says MOS. Does that mean macOS, and if so, what version? Also 512GB is not a kind of graphics card and is a highly dubious amount of video memory! Sounds more like the size of a disk.

You have to manually enable the Application from MacOS settings > Security panel.

Unfortunately ABF is Windows only.

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Nesting Center is maybe easier to use.

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don’t just double click it.

right click / open
it will as you if you’re sure that you want to do it, say yes.
then, in the future, it’ll be whitelisted, and you can open it as usual.

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I have a Mac mini, with a very powerfull processor, never had any problem with speed at all.
I will update my profile, thank you.