"negative" volume

Would be great to have a “negative volume” so it can be like a hole in a panel.
If you want to copy an array of holes inside an object, I have to copy the circle, and then push every single circle to get a hole, would be nice to have it easier…

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If you make the “holes” as “Pegs” inside a solid group you can use the Subtract tool to cut the holes out of the solid board group.

Thanks for your quick replies,
but if I have already holes inside the panel and I want to add some, its more complicated.
But yes, I could create new cylinders, position them and substract.
But it is getting more complicated, ig e.g. i want to have a perforated panel to be a dynamic component.
I could not create an array of holes, only of lines…and as far as I know, can’t substract in dynamic components…

With DC, you can, the hole cutter to be copied is placed in another cutter