Need to reinstall older Sketchup Pro

I am upgrading to a new PC. Old PC was Windows 10. New PC is Windows 11.
I purchased Sketchup Pro 2017, Single user license for my personal use. I also purchased Vray 3.04, I spoke with Vray support who said both Sketchup and Vray would need to be reinstalled. I disabled my license on the on the computer and entered it into the new computer. It appeared successful however the legacy version of Vray sent to me will not recognize or install on the new computer. Trimble was of no help in providing me with a legacy version of Sketchup Pro 2017. I do not have a backup copy of it. Trimble’s tech support said to reach out to the Sketchup Community Forum to see if anyone would be willing to send me a backup copy so that it can be reinstalled. I am a retired architect that still likes to draw but I can’t afford to purchase new software. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Please define “legacy”

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My version, Sketchup Pro 2017 is no longer supported by Trimble. My support expired in 2017. They only have Sketchup 2021 and 2022 for download. Vray is now on verso 6.0 but they were able to send me version 3.04. I call both older versions of Sketchup and Vray, Legacy since they still work fine but are not the most current.

This is what you are looking for Older versions. This is a known safe site

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Thanks very much! I have downloaded Sketchup Pro En x64 from the archives and will give it a try. Again, thanks for your help.

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Thanks to RLGL for pointing me to a download site where older versions of Sketchup can be Downloaded. I had a valid license for Sketchup Pro V2017 but no backup install file. I also had a standalone Floating license for V-ray V 3.6.3.
I surrendered my single use license from my old Windows 10 PC and reinstalled it with the like RLGL provided. It worked fine V-ray support was also good. They sent me a link for the version I needed. It installed but would not check out the license and localhost:30304 was not recognized on my new computer. I contacted Chaos Group again and they sent me new links which did finally work. they also send me this:

We have outlined full license-setup instructions for further reference of this process here: License Setup - License Server - Chaos Help

Thanks again for all your help!