Need help filling holes on a 3D-scanned model

Hello! My professor gave us an assignment in which we were to sculpt something out of foam, use a 3D scanner, then edit this 3D model in sketchup. (also, no, I can’t ask my professor any questions because she’s useless and has never actually done the assignment using the software she’s telling us to use). After installing an extension to open .obj files in sketchup, I was finally able to open the file. However, it is filled with holes due to the inaccuracy of the 3D scanning machine. Is there any way to fix this other than going in by hand and drawing lines to fill the holes (it’s a large model with lots of complexity)? Thank you.3D model.skp (2.5 MB)

There are a few programs that can fix scanned meshes, Meshmixer springs to mind and might work for you.

This was perfect, thank you so much!