Need help: cutting curve side edges

First I want to project the lines from above (the top, and the selected form) and project them to the side (where this form is missin, 90 deg. angle thats not selected) and make a cut that follows this form, wheres the small radius it must be in radius and the long curve needs to be followed ~40Deg. cut.

help please
thanks in advance:)

which lines?

where’s above?

which side?

what kind of cut?

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Given the lack of response to your post, it would seem no one is able to understand your objective.
Many here are willing to invest their time and effort to help you.
You need to invest your time and effort in providing a clear description what you want to accomplish.

here:)) I have added some more information for you to understand it more clearly

Sorry, at least for me that doesn’t clarify any of Cotty’s questions…I still have no idea what you are trying to accomplish!

I want to pass the cut on the cube with the radius on the body behind (the selected area)

I’m not sure if this is what you are after or not but perhaps it can help. You may be able to do this with the follow me tool. In the gif below I used the subtraction solid tool but the same thing can be done with intersection and eraser.
Let us know if this is on the right track.


WOW man the shape in the gif is what I am after!
I’d definitley try it!

Thank you very very much)))

Okay good. here’s a still of the pre follow me setup.