Need Help Combining a 14" chamfer and 1/4" radius on an Angle Iron component


I am modeling a piece of equipment and need to model an L3" x 2" x 3/8" angle iron component that has an edge with a 1/4" chamfer dying into a 1/4" radius edge. I don’t know how to finish the radius edge into the chamfered edge.

I have attached the SketchUp model for reference.
24 Ton Press.skp (63.7 KB)

Thank you for any insights you may have on how this can be modeled.


Start Push/Pull, hit Ctrl to Start a new face, push beyond the radius, Intersect Faces>With Selected or With Model. Erase everything that doesn’t belong.


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Thank you Dave so much for the help!

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Maybe this other option.

L 3x2x3:8.skp (45.5 KB)