Need advice for CAD style 2D

Re, viewing (and editing) DWG or DXF for free:

I’d recommend the free Dassault DraftSight 2D. (It requires, each year, that you register your email address to use it.) Opens and saves DWG. It can also save as / open DXF R12 up through R2013, both text (ASCII) and binary formats.

Also there is the open source, LibreCAD (a fork of QCAD,) which saves natively as DXF 2007, and explicitly (via “Save As…”) from R12 up to R2007. It can open DWG, but may need an export plugin to save as DWG.

And I had a look at CADStd, I found it ugly and way behind the times. Looks like it was made with Windows 3.x programming tools. Looks very amateurish. I would not recommend it, ever.


Non mentionned on this thread before is the 123D suite Autodesk free suite of tools for makers. which are a suite of simple 3D CAD program by Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD. You draw on a plane or manipulate directly objects in 3D and allows you to export DXF or DWG of a particular plane designated by a face on the object you’ve designed. It goes with 123D Make, another tool oriented towards making the stuff you designed with cardboard, laser cutter or 3D printer.

It could be just the stuff you need. Try it.

Except this thread is about 2D CAD applications for 2D work.

Yes draftsight is good once you get to grips with it, there are some useful videos to help you on your way on you tube, it’s fully fledged but will take some getting used to