Multi files "embedded" together?

I am working on a Mac. Sometimes when I email a file (skp or LO) other files are included. Files that I have worked on days previous. The recipient is working on a PC and tells me that they have multi tabs with files completely non-related. I can not see this at all on my Mac. How do I stop this from happening?

Can you share one of these files that supposedly does this? We might be able to tell you what’s happening exactly if we could see it.

Several things come to mind but they are shots in the dark.

Extra content in a SketchUp file is possible if you have not purged unused components, materials , styles, etc.
A similar thing is possible in LayOut files if you are using an existing LO project as a template for a different one. Again, purging unused content would take care of that.

whats the best way to send it? They seems to becoming larger and larger as they keep building onto each other

Upload it via the Upload button here. (7th from the left in the row above the message box) or upload it to DropBox and share the link.

porch layout.layout (2.2 MB)

Does this work?

I’ll look and get back to you.

This now looks to be small? It doesn’t seem to be consistent either???

I have been trying to purge materials and styles on SK. I dont know any other purging techniques in either sk or LO

Well, I don’t see any extra “tabs” in this although I do see other issues. Here’s the References list for your file.

You’re missing a reference shown in red and it looks like you’ve been dragging and dropping views from SketchUp to the LO file which creates this long list of SKP references that ultimately come from the Same SKP file. This creates a variety of problems. Here is an example of a LO file I did. You see there are two different SKP files referenced.

The first one is used for 24 or the 25 viewports spread across 10 pages.

After sending the file to LO, just copy and paste the viewport to create the others and select the appropriate scene for what you want to show.

I notice also that you’ve got modified scenes shown in the Scenes list in LayOut. That will create problems, too, because scene-specific changes you might make in SketchUp won’t get translated to the modified viewports in LO since the viewports are not linked to those scenes anymore.

How are you sending LayOut files? Does the person on the other end have LayOut? It could be that when they download it, the file is showing up as a ZIP file. That’s what the LO file really is, after all. Here is the structure of your file after opening it with 7-zip.

Maybe they are seeing this?

If it’s something else, perhaps you could get them to share a screen shot of these"tabs" they are seeing.

Purging in SketchUp, go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge Unused.

Purging in LayOut: Got to File>Document Setup>References. Select unused references and click Purge.

Are you zipping the files before sending?

if you are, they will receive additional copies of the files unless you specify ‘Send Windows Friendly Files’…


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I hear you on the drag and drop. You have actually “schooled” me on this in the past. I have been trying to do it. I just have a hard time with the timber frame joinery. I end up with lots of scenes, components all over the place and managing the scenes and styles become so much work for a simple presentation. I am still trying to master the trim and keep tool you introduced me to.

Back to the multi files. The recipient does have LO (owner of the pro license I work off). I am wondering if it is on his end. Could it be that he did not close old file down all the way? Once again I am working off a Mac and we dont have tabs, just multiple windows.

Thanks for the purging info. I have been trying to cut down on the size of LO files as they seem to get big on me fast. Even files that I have properly imported the files into.
One other thing that I have a hard time with for the modified styles is creating a new style in SK and having that save and being able to recall it in future files.

No on the zip. I usually just upload the file into email or dropbox.

Maybe we need another session. :smiley:

It could be. A screen shot from his end would be a big help.

The will get big when there are many copies of the same SKP file included. This can also create issues with editing.

After you’ve created a new style in SU, you can open the secondary pane in the Styles window, set it to a local folder and then drag and drop the style from the In Model to the other folder. Create a Styles folder in Documents for example and use it to store new styles. This screen shot was made on my PC but it looks similar on the Mac.

Click on the button in the upper right corner of the Styles window to open the secondary pane. It’s just above the New Style button. Then set the second window to the desired folder. If you need to create a new folder, click on the right-facing arrow to the right of the drop down list. (To the right of New Styles 2 in my screen shot) and create a collection. Make the new folder, select it and open it. Click on that arrow button again and choose Add to favorites.

From there you can drag the thumbnail from In Model to your new styles folder.