Moving from Google to Microsoft

Our Students have been using Edu Sketchup for some time with our Google logins. We have now however moved to Microsoft and would like to change to be able to Login with Microsoft but without losing any of our original work. Is this possible please? We do still have access to our google accounts so can continue logon like this at the moment.
Is there a way of changing the related email address or enabling the same person to login with Microsoft?

Great question @cw1. I am actually not sure how data migration is handled with the school version of our app. I know it is possible to download any models the students have created manually and move them to the new environment manually, but that may not be feasible if the students have large volumes of models that they need to move as that would consume a great deal of bandwidth and time. I’ll go ahead and ping @Tori_SU as she is the main expert in all things SketchUp For Schools and see if she has any suggestions on this topic. Hopefully we can find a more efficient way to get your student data moved to your new environment.