Mortise and Tenon in Sketchup Free

Can anyone tell me how to reveal the hidden detail of Mortise and Tenon joints in the web version Sketchup Free? I found plenty of tutorials on YouTube, but they are all based on the desktop version and use functions that I cannot locate in the web UI. I have tried switching on the Hidden Object and Hidden Geometry options under ‘Display’, but still can’t see them.

Mihai.s - thank you so much. I hadn’t associated the ‘search’ with functionality so much as file navigation! So simple when you know how.
Many thanks for the reply - and especially the rather cool video to explain the answer.

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@Grum27, or hit [k] to reveal backedges.
[k] is a toggling key for showing back edges through faces, more or less like X-ray, but slash styled.

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G H Hubers - many thanks for this tip too. Both of these methods show exactly what I was hoping.
I’m learning so much already, even after just a couple of days using Sketchup Free. It was certainly worthwhile joining this community.

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