Modifing component slot

Hi, yeah I’m a newbie,
Created rails and posts to carry them, with slots thro. post to accommodate the rails. Now I’ve discovered my rails are at the wrong alignment. So need to move them, together with the post slots, to the correct alignment. Tried scale and move without success. I’m sure there is way. Can anyone give me a pointer please

RailnSlot.skp (1.0 MB)

Not 100% sure what the issues you are running into… Selecting (what I think is) the rail and using Move, I can move it wherever I need. To mode the slot, then, I double-clicked to open the group, then selected the surfaces and lines that made the slot and used Move, again.

In the future, to make thing easier, you can make the posts Components, rather than groups, so all you have to do is move the slots on one and they move on all copies of the Component.

Thanks Aaron just the nudge I needed. Only a few days into the programme, still feeling my way!

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