Modeling the Leaning Tower of Pisa live!

Let’s model the Leaning Tower of Pisa in SketchUp! Joins us live!


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Rotation of the finished product in the end or while modeling?, … that is the question.

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Well… in theory… with a rotated axis, its all simple enough either way… right? I’m going to cause myself paint today, aren’t I?

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Today’s images:


See you all soon!

Current Angle that the Leaning Tower of Pisa Leans
3.99 degrees

…In terms of angles , the tower now leans at 3.99 degrees. Considering the weight and height of the tower , physicists have said the maximum angle would be 5.44 degrees before the tower falls (at its worst, the tower once leaned briefly at 5.5 degrees.)

Another image that might be of help - you seem to have all the good ones from Google!

an image of the base.

2 more base images - no, it’s not me in the photo!

For those looking fro the final model -