Modeling for 3D printing in SU?

Can someone point me to a group/ resource for using SU for 3D printing?
(Would like to stay with SU instead of Fusion 360, but Fusion seem to have better native tools for this).


If you search the forum for “3d printing” or similar you will find lots of topics. Here is a recent one:

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Plenty of SU users creating models for 3D printing. As TDahl has posted there’s a sub category just for 3D printing. Have questions ask away, plenty of help to be had.
You can also visit the sketchUcation forum. Lots of help there as well.

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Thanks Tom!

I’m printing an entire chair, piece by piece, using SketchUp Make 2017.All you need is the export .STL plug-in and to make sure your model is “water-tight”

Check out this video and let me know if you want to chat:


Cool, this looks like a pretty extensive hobby you have. :wink:


Extensive and expensive! Which is why it’s been a +2 year endeavor :sweat_smile:

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Thank you

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Really great video thanks!
Looks like he used SoapSkin plugin with SU…

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You’re right! I used the Soap Skin & Bubble Plug-in. It’s one of the few, and favorites I keep loaded at all times.

You’ll also need the STL exporter since most 3D printers operate using that file type:

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Oh that’s your video??
Excellent work!
I noticed you used Revit for the curved restaurant roof in the next vid (also Excellent!)

Can I ask, is there a reason you haven’t migrated to Fusion 360 (which I believe does all of those things)?

Thanks again for the vid!

Thank you! I suppose the reason would be complacency? Between SketchUp, Maya, Cinema4D, Rhino, Revit and a few others I think I hit my threshold for desiring to diversify my modeling expertise.

Revit is my default program for architectural documentation. And SketchUp has somehow managed to remain a very easy go-to basic tool for general concept designs, and as showcased in the 3D printed chair video, my generally preferred method for quickly exploring unique user-controlled geometry.

I’ve seen good interesting things about Fusion360. Perhaps it’s worth learning, once I find the time :timer_clock:

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Fusion does take some “unlearning” if you are used to other CAD packages, imo.
Your work is top notch, just as it is.
Subscribed to your channel.
Thanks again for the fine work!

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Thank you! Very kind of you to say :slight_smile:

In my opinion best thread about SketchUp and 3d printing is here: