Midpoint Extension

Didn’t that get changed recently?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy_cat:

To get the midpoint between to endpoints in space I would try this:

1 - Trace the line from one endpoint to the other.

2 - Infer it’s midpoint.

Only relatively (recently).

Sure but then you have a line to erase and if it is “stuck” to another line it can cause other problems.

We all use workarounds because we have to. I was just musing on ways that might be employed to make it as quick and simple as possible.

Thank you! I knew about an array using x2 but never knew you could use /2 for the center point. KISS is sometimes a wonderful thing!

/2 This is the method I use in SketchUp-- copying guides for working purposes. If I need a permanent marker, that’s usually done in Layout (or later). A plugin might be good. I have a tool for this very thing in CAD as well as a tool to divide angles and another to mark divisions.

I just don’t know if I’d install a plugin just for this. Maybe a master layout plugin that did different types of division markings, both guides and permanent geometry, with an option to lock etc…