Medeek Wall

Version 2.9.2 - 07.24.2022

  • Added one additional raised header configuration for windows and doors.

The “RAISED2” configuration removes the plate directly below the header. This update per customer request.


I’ve been mucking around with the staggered stud feature today and I also watched my tutorial video on this feature again. I noted at the end of the video that more granularity is needed with the stud depth selection, so I am working on adding in two additional parameters where the user can independently specify the exterior and interior stud depth. This should make this feature more flexible and useful.

I recognize that this feature is not widely used by most users however in its current incarnation it is too limiting to be of much use to those who will use it, so with that being said, I think it is worth my time to further augment it so that it can actually be a feature worth including in the plugin.

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Version 2.9.3 - 07.29.2022

  • Enabled independent control of exterior and interior stud depths for staggered stud walls (rectangular only).

Previously staggered studs were auto-calculated and one could not independently control the stud depth for the exterior and interior studs. This latest update allows for granular control of the stud depths and makes the staggered stud feature more flexible and useful.


Just took advantage of this. On the site mdkBIM includes: Truss, Wall, Foundation, and Floor.
But when I checked out it only gave me Truss, Wall, and Foundation. Did I miss something?

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The Floor plugin is still not released into the wild yet and I am working hard and hoping to get it out before Basecamp in September. It has already been added into the Account Manager and is listed as one of the mdkBIM plugins however a license will not be issued to mdkBIM purchasers until it is released.

Actually anyone who holds licenses to all three plugins (Wall, Truss and Foundation) will be entitled to a license (at no additional charge) for the Floor plugin.


After giving some further thought to window and door casings (interior trim) I realized it would be useful to enable a system whereby the user could essentially create their own profiles and add them into the plugin (library folder) themselves.

I will probably include some pre-added profiles like the 365 and a few other common ones, but this way it will be much more flexible for the user and customizable.

I will start with the door casings first and then add this feature to the window module after I’ve fully worked out all the bugs.


Some custom edits I’m doing on this brick veneer wall, for your consideration @medeek

This header and water table

And these little issues.

Not sure what will be done IRL for that gap either.

Ahhh, sorry I just realized I already brought this up. Forgive me, not trying to be a nag. :grimacing:


First look at custom casings:

Notice that when CUSTOM casing is specified for the Casing Style, the edit or draw menu will provide a preview of the profile as shown.

Now I need to work on enabling this for arched doors and also updating the global settings with this new option.

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Version 2.9.4 - 08.05.2022

  • Enabled CUSTOM door casings for rectangular doors.
  • Added a thumbnail preview into the edit and draw door menus showing the custom casing profiles.
  • Added a thumbnail preview into the Door tab of the Global Settings and added the custom profile parameter.

Additional profiles can be added into the “casings” sub-folder of the “library” folder within the plugin folder. Placement of the profile is important, so best practice is to open one of the two examples within this sub-folder and duplicate its positioning and grouping.

I will still need to enable this feature for arched doors and all window types, so much more work is yet to be done in this regard. It seems there is never a lack of work when it comes to this plugin.



So, what is this called?

Plinth Block?

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Where plinths are used, rosettes are often found at the top of the door; and where rosettes are used on the doors, they are also likely to be used on windows.

Style D and Style F are already available:

However I will add a custom version of these styles which allows one to incorporate their custom molding with the plinth and rosette blocks.

These will be called CUSTOM D and CUSTOM F.


Version 2.9.5 - 08.06.2022

  • Enabled CUSTOM door casings for arched doors.
  • Added CUSTOM D and CUSTOM F door casing options for rectangular doors.


An example using the Custom F style with the MDK1 profile.

Lots of variations possible now. Let me know if there is some other option that I should add while the whole door casing thing is fresh in my head.

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Version 2.9.6 - 08.07.2022

  • Added STYLE G and CUSTOM G casing options for rectangular doors.

I had to add in these two styles since they are used in our own home. I think I have finally beaten this horse to death but if there are any other styles you feel should be added please feel free to contact me or post them here.

The profile for the upper molding is found in the “system” sub-folder of the “library” folder. It can be edited and customized by the user. The file name is: CM_HEADER.skp


First look at Style G applied to a window:


Will these new additions be able to be added to wall assemblies created with the previous version?

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Yes, it is compatible.