Materials browser tray panel focus delay (SketchUp 2016 WIN)



Back in ‘the day’…I would select the Paint Bucket and breeze through assigning textures in my model. It would show-up when I needed it…minimize when I didn’t want it. Now…with the Docking Tab feature…every time I want to do a texture function…there’s a spinning blue circle (I’ve timed it at 5 seconds on average)…before I can make a selection. Even un-docking is a heartburn wait. I purchased SU Pro and use it for Architectural Design…but if I charged my client for the delay and wait time, I would be out of business
. Someone please advise.


(FYI, edited topic title as question has nothing to do with the 3D Warehouse, and moved to Technical Problems category.)

ON Win7, I see a delay of only ~1 second, to switch from one tab, (without the Materials panel,) to bring the one with the Material panel to the top of the “tab stack”.

But I also have the Components browser panel (which is on the same tray tab as the Materials panel,) set to “List” in the Details context menu. The Materials panel is set to the smallest of thumbnail settings.

I think that perhaps the UI control loop is refreshing the thumbnails whenever a panel that can display thumbnail images, is redisplayed.

So how about a little test ? Set both panels as List View, switch to another tray tab, and then activate the Paint Bucket tool. See if the focusing delay changes.

ADD: I myself see no difference much in the delay time, and can see quite clearly that the entire GUI interfaces for the Materials and Components panels are completely redrawn each time their tab is re-displayed. (The other panels do not seem to suffer from this.)


Thanks for your response Dan. I might have cross pollinated an old topic with a new one, as I don’t use the topic function often. Nonetheless, Re: the Material browser delay issue, I’ve found that not docking the material browser allows me to texture ‘old-school’ (open and close) only when I need it and there is no delay. Regarding my new topic on functionality of 3D Warehouse Navigation…I would be interested in your response if I posted correctly. Thanks!
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Yes I saw that, and it is posted correctly.

See Barry’s comments, as they’re better than anything I would be guessing at.