Match Subcomponent to Parent Component's Tag Automatically

Is there a way to have a subcomponent match the parent component’s layer automatically?

Explode the parent component. The subcomponents will inherit the tag. :smiley:

Is there a benefit to having th same tag on the subcomponents as on the parent?

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If the subcomponent is untagged, it will behave as if it were tagged the same as its parent. Turn off the parent’s tag, the subcomponent will become invisible too.

As @DaveR says, what’s the extra benefit in having any tag on the subcomponent, so long as it stays inside the parent?

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When generating reports.

I was not aware that they enherited the parent tag. Thank you.

When I run report the untagged parts come in as “untagged” instead of “Group”

The sub-components inherit the tag when you explode the parent. What John refers to is related to controlling visibility of the components. He did not say that they get the tag of the parent just by being inside the parent.


Thank you, as to your question of why change the parent tag it is so I can adjust a component with subcomponents where the subcomponents that are the same somewhere else in a building may have a different tag for their location.