Making wall thickness with JointPushPull fails

Hello All, I am trying to use Fredo6’s JointPushPull tool to create wall thickness with just one operation. The result is just not good. Am I doing something that is not possible with this tool? Or am I making a wrong setting in the tool? Or is the geometry of my design incorrect?

1141-3.skp (301.8 KB)

The main issue is the small ‘gap’ in the geometry where the edges miss, by adding some edges to ‘control’ the shape it can work.

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Thanks for your quick response. Solving the two small ‘gaps’ gives the solution at an offset of 1. But if I use an offset of 5 (and I need this in my example), the problem persists. See the examples.


Offset: 1

Offset: 5

Model the inside and extrude outward


Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem. Even if I perform the extrude outwards, the result remains the same.

Not all shapes are suitable for all tools.
I’d be more inclined to make a shape like yours using solid tools.


I am impressed! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me. It works :smile: In my first design, I started making the whole design. After this, I created the wall thickness. You design the individual parts and finally join them together. Already another step forward in my SketchUp development.

There are usually many ways to do something in sketchup, often no one correct way, just different ways of thinking through a problem.
Often just taking a step back and thinking about what it is and what it is made up of can help you see a better or different way.