Making flatten complete!

I have tried some tools to apply Flatten to a sheet piece with angles, but I can’t find the one that does a complete procedure for me.

When we choose the “meeting” faces, these are flattened without adjusting their dimensions, BUT, when we flatten two “opposite” faces, they must be reduced, according to the angle and thickness of the piece.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about, and knows the correct tool?


There isn’t a good way to unfold your 3D shape and have the individual faces unstretch. In reality your part wouldn’t have the sharp 90° bends, anyway. They would have at least a small radius.

When I need to create a pattern for this sort of thing I use the centerline of the part and unfold the no-thickness shape. That gets a pretty decent result.

I understand your point, but that would adjust the dimensions of the faces automatically, it doesn’t suit me. For now what I do is manually adjust the point on the doubles where it is required.

Depending on the part, the second double from left to right requires a reduction of 1/4" for each face, because the part is 1/4" thick. I can do that manually.

For now it is what I have.

As I wrote earlier, there’s no way to do that automatically so manually is the way you’ll have to do it.

Thanks you DaveR.

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