Making a 3d shape from a curved 2d profile when extrusion won't work

Not even sure how to ask the question intelligently, but I’ll start with what I want to do.

I’m designing a bracket for 3d printing that will be used to connect a stair rail to a 4x4 post. The rail meets the post at a 45 degree angle horizontally, and something like a 35’ angle vertically.

I can make a triangular solid to fit between the intersection of the post and the rail without much trouble, since that can be done by drawing with straight lines. But, I’d really like the bracket to be more like a fillet rather than just have straight sides.

I can draw a 2d arc for how I want the shape to look in profile, but I cannot extrude that 2d shape since it’s face isn’t orthogonal to the direction I want to extrude (probably wrong vocabulary).

Only way I can figure to do the design is to draw narrow rectangles to close the face. Is there a better way?

design bracket.skp (496.1 KB)

An ideal situation for Fredo’s Vector Pushpull.

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Perfect! I’ll download and give it a try.


It’s pretty simple too with the basics, pushpull then move with alt(or down arrow) for autofold.


Thanks again!

Buenas noches, tengo un problema en el diseño de una silla, al tratar de convertirlo en Ùnico, el botón derecho no me da la opción. He usado la opción que verifica los errores y no me sale nada, Necesito ayuda en como convertir esa superficie en objeto sólido para luego poder dividirlo. Agradecería cualquier ayuda al respecto. Feliz noche.

Sospecho que tu modelo no es un grupo ni un componente. Si es posible, publique su modelo en este foro para que alguien pueda ayudarlo. Por cierto, es mejor comenzar un tema nuevo en lugar de agregarlo a este.

I suspect that your model is not a group or component. If possible, post your model in this forum so that someone can help you. By the way, it is best to start a new topic instead of adding to this one.